Worried About the State of Your Trees?

Rely on tree removal experts in the Nashville, TN area

Cutting down trees, especially large ones, might seem like a dangerous or difficult job, but Blakely's Tree Service makes it look easy. We provide convenient tree removal services to the Nashville, TN area. If a tree on your property is causing you problems, you can trust us to cut it down and clear away the resulting debris.

Don't wait for hazardous trees to wreak havoc on your property. Contact us today to request emergency tree removal services.

4 signs you need to remove a tree

4 signs you need to remove a tree

It's important to evaluate the condition of your trees and consider the impact they could have on the rest of your property. You probably need tree removal services if your tree is:

  1. Hollow
  2. Decaying
  3. Leaning at a dramatic angle
  4. Too close to your house or other structure

  5. Whether your tree is hazardous or simply unwanted, you can count on us to remove it safely and efficiently. Call us now at 615-918-5293 to arrange for regular or emergency tree removal services.